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Buick to Highlight Key Features in Extended “That’s a Buick?” Campaign

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Grandma "That's a Buick?" Campaign

Our dashing young Buick driver will now impress grandma with all his car’s features

In 2014, valets and old ladies everywhere found themselves astounded and confused by the newly redesigned Buick line-up during the “That’s a Buick?” advertising campaign.  The campaign highlighted Buick’s departure from previous designs with five of its models: the Regal, Encore, Lacrosse, Verano and Enclave. During the past year, television audiences have probably encountered these ads at least once, including one version with dogs.

According to a story from Ward’s Auto, GM has no plans to stop the campaign. They are, however, working to adjust it.

The campaign will focus on key features of the models in the future, rather than an overview of the lineup. Instead of being flabbergasted by the look of the new Encore, Grandma will now be blown away by its rear vision camera.

While the focus on features is a departure from the previous highlight of the lineup, it will stay in line with the campaign’s efforts to dispel false perceptions many consumers have of the brand, according to Tony DiSalle, vice president of marketing at Buick-GMC.

Injecting the campaign with new life will be beneficial for the brand, since overall Buick sales declined by 5.2% in April. The next time a new Buick commercial airs, there may be a senior citizen asking “That’s a heated leather seat?” instead of “That’s a Buick?”

News Source: Ward’s Auto