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Bulldog Stuck in Toyota Sequoia Makes His Feelings Known

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Bulldogs are known for being feisty and entertaining creatures. And lately, they have become known for pulling various antics in cars. First, there was Tui the French bulldog who showed us the correct way to drive a BMW M4. And now, there’s the case of the bulldog who, when left by his owner in a Toyota Sequoia, made his displeasure known by honking the horn for several minutes, much to the pleasure of onlookers.

The dog in question, clearly peeved at being left in the car by his owner, leans heavily on the steering wheel while the horn blares constantly and amused onlookers film the scene. This is obviously a smart pooch, who knows that leaving a dog in a car is no bueno in any situation. We’ve all been advised not to leave our dogs in the car unattended—even with the windows cracked—when it’s warm out. But even on a cool day, anything could happen to your furry friend while left unattended. In the majority of cases, it’s simply not worth it.

Bulldog left in car

“Does this look like a happy face to you?”

Despite its serious underlying message, this video is pretty entertaining. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a cute, stubborn bulldog making his feelings known in the loudest and most obnoxious way possible? No one we know.