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Cadillac Diesels Should Arrive by 2019

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De Nysschen promises Cadillac Diesels

Johan de Nysschen says to expect Cadillac diesels around 2019.

It’s getting exhausting to count the changes that have been implemented at Cadillac ever since Johan de Nysschen took over operations. There are the obvious ones, like the move to New York and the changing of the naming system. But then there are smaller, yet very important changes as well, like the separate reporting of financial results and the hints that he’s been dropping as to an expanded product lineup.

The most recent hint came out during an interview with Car and Driver, in which de Nysschen confirmed that Cadillac diesels are in the works. And, what’s more, they’ll be ready for action by around 2019.

“Diesel is the fastest, most cost-effective way to reduce CO2 and emissions,” de Nysschen said. “I think it has to be part of our portfolio approach to meeting compliance. Cadillac also wants to be more global and less U.S.-centric, and for many markets, diesel is simply a prerequisite. We will introduce an all-new diesel engine developed specifically for Cadillac by around 2019.”

Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW—the big three in Germany that Cadillac looks to tackle—all offer diesel variants, so it makes sense that Cadillac would add a diesel engine to its lineup as well. But it’s not just one engine, according to the report; it’s two, a four-cylinder and a six-cylinder.

Keep checking in for more big things out of Cadillac.

News Source: Car and Driver