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Cadillac and Hollywood: Marketing That Makes Sense

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It’s no secret that Cadillac is in need of major help—but it’s also no secret that it has already taken a big gamble on who can help. At the forefront is previous Infiniti CEO, Johan de Nysschen, who elevated Audi to unbelievable heights over a period of several years. It is hoped that he can manage the same revival with the Cadillac brand as President, and he’s already taken big steps to do so.

Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer, Uwe Ellinghaus | Cadillac and Hollywood

Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer, Uwe Ellinghaus

But Cadillac has also invested in Uwe Ellinghaus, the new Chief Marketing Officer for the brand. Ellinghaus left his post as a BMW marketing executive to come spearhead the marketing revitalization of the Cadillac brand, and he has had his work cut out for him—and that’s not changing any time soon. Interestingly, one of the keys that Ellinghaus sees to the revitalization of Cadillac is Hollywood.

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Ellinghaus sat down with The Hollywood Reporter last month during the Los Angeles Auto Show to talk about the magic that Cadillac and Hollywood could make together. In the interview, he stated, “We will kick off our new brand point of view at the [2015] Oscar celebration. We will have our own event but will also have in the Oscar show several blocks of media that we bought because we have one of the best audiences that we can have: people that are interested in Hollywood and everything that the lifestyle Hollywood stands for, and I think that’s a natural brand fit for us. So I’m not interested in Super Bowl, I’m far more interested in the Oscars.”

But it’s not just the combined force Cadillac and Hollywood that will sell cars. It’s a matter of putting the cars where they will be seen by the right people. Cadillac’s partnership with American Airlines, for example, is meant to assist with this. Ellinghaus cedes that, while Cadillac does well in places like Detroit and Texas, it fails on the US coasts, where luxury is king. But by using Cadillacs to transport frequent flyers around airports (and not just in the Escalade, but in cars like the CTS), it will physically force customers to get inside a Cadillac and understand the product on a whole new level.

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And as Cadillac prepares to enter the realm of Hollywood more fully, it will be shifting its emphasis away from golf tournaments, which is probably for the best, because it’s golf.

News Source: The Hollywood Reporter