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Is the Cadillac Logo’s Wreath Really Getting the Boot?

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Cadillac logo’s wreath

What’s that? A change in the wind? It very well could be, as we have it on good authority—GM Authority, actually—that the Cadillac logo’s wreath may be in its final days.

GM Authority reports that after examining General Motor’s filings with the U.S. Patent Trademark Office, it seems quite clear that the “wreath and crest” symbol that heads our favorite Caddy vehicles may just become a “crest and nothing more” symbol. In fact, none of GM’s recent trademark submissions, as far as Cadillac is concerned, have contained the wreath.

But what will the multicolored crest look like without its wreath counterpart? Well, we’ve actually already seen a Cadillac sans wreath, and that was the Elmiraj concept, which debuted in August of this year.

What called for the sudden change? Over the last few years, General Motors has been reinvigorating the Cadillac brand with youthfulness and has quite successfully made it a world contender in the international luxury market. With the success of the new-to-the-market Cadillac ATS (which won the 2013 North American Car of the Year award) and the continued praise for the CTS, as well as the promise of the upcoming ELR, things are moving in a positive direction for the brand. It seems clear that Cadillac wants to maintain its youthful appeal and the direction in which it’s going; perhaps losing the dated wreath is the clearest path forward.

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