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Cadillac Partners with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

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Cadillac Partners with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Photo: © General Motors

Cadillac has announced a multi-year partnership agreement with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, one which will make Cadillac vehicles the exclusive choice for guest transportation at Fairmont locations across the country.

“At the beginning of the century, two of the world’s most forward thinking and beloved brands, Cadillac in Detroit and Fairmont in San Francisco, changed the face of their respective industries by setting new standards in how to enjoy life,” said Jane Mackie, vice president, Fairmont Brand. “Both brands remain committed to product innovation to maintain and surpass that standard, as evidenced by this partnership which connects guests with the best of American restaurants, culture and nightlife in leading cities and resort destinations.”

Cadillac says that the Escalade will be the vehicle of choice at dozens of Fairmont locations around the world, including hotels and resorts from Maui and Jakarta to Barcelona and Barbados. Fairmont is developing five new locations that are set to open in 2015—Amman, Chengdu, Fujairah, Riyadh, and Sharm el-Sheikh. Courtesy vehicles are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for guests with priority access given to members of the Fairmont President Club and guests staying on Fairmont Gold floors.

“Together, Cadillac and Fairmont bring a special, bespoke experience to our customers,” said Melody Lee, Cadillac director of brand strategy and planning. “Our partnership is designed to showcase the best in product, service and premium customer interactions.”

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