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Cadillac Sales Climb in September Because People Love the SRX

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2015 Cadillac SRX

2015 Cadillac SRX
Photo: © General Motors

Cadillac sales rose 7.8% in September thanks to an exceptionally strong month from its top seller and a month of year-over-year gains from the ATS.

Cadillac’s sales in the United States in September totaled 14,908 units, nearly half of which can be credited to the SRX. Cadillac’s crossover was up an impressive 85.1% in September with 6,849 units sold as the new 2016 model begins to hit showrooms and anticipation builds around the reveal of its replacement—the all-new 2017 XT5. Through nine months, sales of the SRX total 50,712 units (up 21.6%) and account for roughly 20% of all Cadillacs sold.

Despite a down year for coupes and sedans, ATS sales were up 2.5% in September at 2,295 units sold. Sales of the CTS were down 42.2%, the XTS was down 19.2%, and the ELR was down 67.6%. To date, sales of all Cadillac cars in the United States are down double digits.

The opposite can be said for the Escalade and Escalade ESV, which are up 9.3% and 32.8% to-date, respectively. Both models were down in September with the Escalade moving 1,628 units and the Escalade ESV moving 1,181 units.

To date, Cadillac’s sales in the U.S. total 125,699 vehicles, down 1.7% from the year prior.