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Cadillac Sales Rise 9.5% in April Thanks to XT5, CT6

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Cadillac brought its entire model lineup to the 2017 Chicago Auto Show, including the 2017 Cadillac XT5 crossover

Cadillac broke its downward trend in the United States in April, posting a 9.5% total sales increase with 12,300 units sold and a 7.2% retail sales increase with 11,124 units. This in spite of the fact that seven of Cadillac’s nine products saw year-over-year sales decreases, and that six of those seven vehicles saw their sales decline by double digits.

How Do They Compare? The differences between the SRX and its replacement, the 2017 XT5

The carrier of the lion’s share, unsurprisingly, was the all-new 2017 Cadillac XT5. The replacement for the Cadillac SRX managed to nearly double its predecessor’s sales from April 2016 with 5,501 XT5 crossovers delivered last month compared to 2,952 SRX crossovers last year. The XT5 also compares favorably to the SRX to-date; Cadillac has sold 18,955 XT5s through the first four months of 2017, up 25% from the SRX’s running total of 15,818 units last year.

Further, the XT5 has improved upon the SRX in terms of average transaction price. Through four months, the 2017 XT5 is selling for $3,300 more per unit than the SRX was last year.

Sales of the Cadillac CT6 were also strong at 978 units, up from the 285 units delivered last year.

What’s New for 2018: New CT6 to be offered in additional colors, with new features

Sales of the ATS dropped 19.1% at 1,405 units, CTS sales fell 34.6% at 873 units, Escalade sales were down 17.8% at 1,487 units, Escalade ESV sales declined 6.5% at 1,121 units, and XTS sales were down 39.9% at 914 units. Sales of the outgoing SRX totaled 19 units, and sales of the ELR totaled two units.

Through four months, Cadillac’s total US sales are down 1.3% at 46,282 units, and retail sales are down 1.5% at 39,915 units sold.