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Cadillac Sees Returns From Rebranding

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U.S. News & World Report declared the new Cadillac Escalade as the 2017 Best Luxury Large SUV for FamiliesA little over a year and a half ago, Cadillac took a pretty big risk by moving out of its parent’s house. By that, we mean that Cadillac vacated many of its offices at GM’s famous Renaissance Center in Detroit and moved to New York City. At the time, the brand announced that the move was to help Cadillac become a better luxury car brand with its heart on the pulse of what’s new and fresh in the United States. That sounds like a great idea, but has this rebranding from classic luxury to something more youthful and hip paid off?

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The short answer is that the rebranding is on track to be successful, but it still needs a few more pieces of the puzzle before it can be called complete. In the past two years brand revenue for Cadillac has increased. Its new office in the hip neighborhood of Soho has also produced six new vehicles in an effort to catch the attention of millennial drivers and hit its goal to reach more of the luxury market. To make the rebranding complete, individual dealerships need to finish transitioning to a new Cadillac sales model, called “Project Pinnacle”, as well as to the new Cadillac look.

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Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen, who has experience leading luxury brands like Infiniti and Audi, faced backlash from Detroit for his decision, as it removed jobs from the struggling city. The short-term results are sure to convince Mary Barra and other leaders at GM that the choice was the correct one. We shall keep our eyes on what comes next for this historic American car brand.

News Source: The Detroit News