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Cadillac Sponsors ‘The Seasons Collection’ Photo Project

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Cadillac is partnering with The LIFERS Project and photographer

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Cadillac is teaming with THE LIFERS Project and photographer Matt Alberts for “The Seasons Collection,” a photography collection that will tell “adventure sports-driven stories about people who push the limits in pursuit of their passion.”

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The photographs in “The Seasons Collection” utilize an old 19th Century technique known as wet collodion photography, a process that replaced the early daguerreotype process. With wet collodion photographs, a bromide, iodide, or chloride is dissolved in a pyroxylin/alcohol/ether solution, and the mixture is poured onto a clean glass plate. The plate is then placed into silver nitrate, and when the original the bromide, iodide, or chloride turns into a silver-infused chemical, it is removed from the solution and placed into a camera while still wet so that a picture can be taken.

Whew. That was complicated just to try and process verbally, never mind actually process. We’ll stick to Instagram filters, thanks.

Alberts will use the process to take old-timey photographs that are imbued with some sense of wonder. The first collection is called SNOW, and it will focus primarily on snowboarding. The second collection, SUN, focuses on skateboarding, and WATER caps off the trilogy with surfing and water sports in the Northeast.

“Cadillac has always been a brand for individuals who are passionate about their pursuits” said Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus. “Partnering with The LIFERS Project allows Cadillac to highlight individuals who share our belief that there shouldn’t be limitation in the pursuit of one’s passions, but rather the inner drive to take the risk and march forward.”

The collections can be followed in real-time through THE LIFERS Project Facebook and Tumblr pages.

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