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Cadillac Vday Returning to China, Promising “Vanquishment”

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Cadillac Vday Performance Show Season Four

Photo: © General Motors

The Cadillac Vday Performance Show Season Four will be returning to China later this month for shows in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Suzhou, and Hangzhou. Beginning October 24th and concluding December 6th, Hollywood stuntpeople will perform the same kinds of automotive feats seen in blockbuster films.

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Everything from full-scale car chases, precision drifting, incredible jumps, and even driving on two wheels will be performed with luxurious Cadillac vehicles from the brand’s current lineup. The star of the show—apart from the stuntmen and stuntwomen—will be the new ATS-L luxury sedan, which is set to hit retailer later this month.

Those attending Cadillac Vday Performance Show Season Four will also have the opportunity to attend a special professional driving skills and stunt training camp, which will enable them “to fully experience Cadillac’s driving passion and pleasure,” according to the press release. Well, how about then, huh?

Cadillac Vday has visited China three times since 2009, hence the “Season Four” part of the name. According to Cadillac, the V aspect of the name represents a focus on “Velocity, Victory, and Vanquishment.” That’s some very valiant vernacular.

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