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Cadillac’s New York Headquarters Set in Stone With Lease Signing

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Cadillac’s New York Headquarters

Cadillac’s New York headquarters have been confirmed now that the brand has officially signed a lease.

General Motors has reached a “no going back” point with Cadillac’s New York headquarters move, now that the company has officially signed a lease. Many have criticized the brand for leaving its Detroit roots to head to the Big Apple, but the goal is to set the Cadillac brand apart from the rest of GM, as the new president, Johan de Nysschen, aims to elevate Cadillac to the ranks of German luxury carmakers, like Mercedes and BMW. In reality, only about 30 people will be making the move this spring. The other 90 associates who will work there will be new hires.

The lease was signed for office space at 330 Hudson, which is a 16-story building boasting 467,000 square feet. Cadillac will be taking over the top two floors, which represent 34,000 square feet and are the epitome of luxury: completely wrapped in glass and with 14-foot ceilings. Fellow renters in the building include TripAdvisor and Pearson, according to Detroit News.

“Hudson Square is among New York’s most dynamic neighborhoods in which to live and work,” said Brian Robin, the senior VP of asset management for Callahan Capital Properties’ eastern region. “The Cadillac team will enjoy the unique atmosphere and amenities that our tenants experience every day.”

The official cost was not revealed, though Detroit News did indicate that Cadillac signed a long-term lease, which seems to say, “Sayonara, Detroit. Barra may believe in you, but we sure don’t.”

News Source: Detroit News