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Cadillac’s New York Workforce Expected to Grow to 300

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Cadillac’s New York Workforce Expected to Grow to 300

Cadillac’s New York Workforce Expected to Grow to 300

When Cadillac relocates its headquarters to New York City from Detroit, only 30 top employees will be making the move. The brand did mention that it will then look to hire between 90 and 100 additional employees to grow Cadillac’s New York workforce enough to fill the two floors that it’s leasing at Hudson.

Now, USA Today is reporting that Cadillac plans to roughly double that amount in the next three years. The end goal is around 275 to 300 associates working at the New York location.

The move to New York was meant to be a clear sign of how Cadillac is separate from Buick, Chevy, and GMC, though they are all still under the General Motors umbrella. Separating Cadillac in the eyes of the public is an important step as Cadillac President, Johan de Nysschen, works to elevate the brand to the heights of luxury competitors across the pond in Germany.

Reportedly, Cadillac believes that putting the marketing people in Manhattan, right by the SoHo district, will inspire a marketing message that can’t be achieved in Detroit. In New York, they can “eat, drink, sleep, live premium.”

It will be interesting to see how the brand is perceived in the coming years, and what—if any—effect the move to New York had on the brand’s perception.

News Source: USA Today