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California Woman Uses Pontiac Sunfire to Walk Her Dog [VIDEO]

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Video shows California woman walking dog with Pontiac Sunfire

There’s a common perception that people who live in Los Angeles drive everywhere. But now, a woman up north in Stockton seems to be giving Los Angelinos a run for their money when it comes to the title of most vehicle-dependent Californian, by using a car to walk her dog.

Yes, you heard that right… a Northern California woman decided to stuff her dog’s leash into the driver-side door of her Pontiac Sunfire and just cruise down the street. An outraged motorist named Amada Brajkovich scolded the unapologetic pet owner for her behavior, while also capturing the entire incident on her phone.

Take a look:

Omg I am beyond pissed right now!!!! over by Louis park turned down some street idk the name of! I called the police!

Posted by Manda Rene on Sunday, April 24, 2016

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There are definitely some benefits to this method of transportation: the driver gets to remain seated the whole time, the dog doesn’t shed hair all over her car seats, and frankly, the dog seems to be enjoying it.

However, what the woman in this video doesn’t seem to take account it just how many ways this could go horribly wrong. The dog could trip, and subsequently be dragged along by the vehicle—or worse, get pulled under the wheel.

Or, of course, the dog could get hit by one of those things that are always on the road. Let’s see, what do you call those things… oh yeah, CARS!

CBS Sacramento reports that the Stockton Animal Services department is investigating the incident, and if the woman is identified, department director Phillip Zimmerman could recommend a charge of animal cruelty.

“We have a lack of humane education, not only for adults obviously in this case but as children, as well,” Zimmerman lamented to CBS. “If we don’t teach children that this isn’t OK, this is what happens.”

So let’s make this a teachable moment: please don’t do dumb things with cars, especially if it endangers the life of a cute dog.

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Via: Jalopnik

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