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Camaro Crashes into Pool, Didn’t Wait 30 Minutes after Eating

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Camaro Crashes into Pool

Camaro crashes into pool, sinks along with driver’s hopes and dreams

Picture this: you’re lying out by the community pool, book in hand, earbuds in place, catching some sun. Everything is really quiet and relaxed. And then, suddenly, a $58,000 2014 Chevy Camaro ZL1 flies through the fence and plunges into the water, where it sinks with the all the driver’s hopes and dreams.

This reportedly happened last week when one young driver lost control of his brand spankin’ new, 580-hp Camaro ZL1 in Harris County, Texas, hitting a curb and rocketing through a fence. The rest is history.

Camaro Crashes into Pool

The fence was completely busted through.

“I was driving right behind him the whole time,” Austin Brantley, a witness to the accident, told Click2Houston. “He lost control, and I think he took his traction control off. And then he just hit the curb, and then went into the fence, and then he hit the pool.”

The lesson? Don’t ever turn off traction control unless you are an experienced driver.

Lucky for the driver, he had his window open during the accident, so he was able to slip out of the vehicle and up out of the water with no harm to himself. Reportedly, the pool had been empty, so no one was injured.


To get the Camaro out of the pool, a tow truck driver, perhaps responding to the strangest request he’d ever received, had to dive down into the pool to secure the chains. Then a remote control was used to lift the car from its watery grave and over the fence. It is assumed that the car has seen its last bit of road.

Camaro Crashes into Pool

This tow truck driver deserves a beer for going above and beyond.

The driver likely faces charges for failure to control speed or unsafe speed. On top of that, he’ll be liable for replacing the fence, repairing any damage to the pool, and, if necessary, fixing or replacing the filtration system of the pool, if any fluids from the Camaro leaked into the water.

It’s safe to say that someone will not be saving 15 percent or more by switching to Geico because his rates will be through the roof.