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Camaro Owners Explain Their Choice of Muscle Car [VIDEO]

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Tinkerbell-themed Camaro

A woman justifies her Camaro ownership, if not her decorating decisions

For the recent 2016 Chevy Camaro debut, GM invited hundreds of Camaro enthusiasts from 35 states and Canada to attend the all-day event at Detroit’s Belle Isle Park. Many brought along their own vehicles for the ride, and chose to be among the 350 Camaros that paraded around the Belle Isle Grand Prix course.

While they were there, GM decided to ask some of the muscle car’s biggest supporters to explain their fandom. Here were the results:

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As one might expect, the main motivations behind buying a Camaro are tradition (both familial and patriotic), performance enthusiasm, attraction, or a combination of all three. (Surprisingly, none of the drivers featured in the video cite the Camaro’s superior tooth-pulling capabilities).

“Well, I was raised as a Chevy girl,” says one bowtie brand booster, “so there’s no better reason than that.”

Others seem to like the attention they get when driving a Camaro, saying that the head-turning vehicle is “something to be proud of.”

The young child featured towards the conclusion of the video offers perhaps the most succinct summation of this diverse group of enthusiasts’ myriad motivations, answering simply, “Because they’re cool.”

That they are, little guy. That they are.

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