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Camaro Sends Birthday Wish to Mustang

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Unless you live under a rock—and have for the last 50 years—you know that tomorrow marks the 50th birthday for the Ford Mustang. Over the last year, the Blue Oval has been preparing for the festivities and taking a look back at some of the highlights of the Ford Mustang’s storied history in America. A big part of that history has been the Mustang’s competition with its 47-year-old competitor, the Chevy Camaro (which, of course, died for a few years in the 2000s but came back to life in recent years—but who’s keeping track, eh?).

The competition between the Camaro and the Mustang has been fierce, but at the end of the day, the designers and engineers of each model respect their competitors—even if the diehard Ford or Chevy fans may refuse to do so. In a classy move from General Motors, Chevy today released a pretty cool birthday card to the Mustang.

Camaro Sends Birthday Wish to Mustang

Camaro Sends Birthday Wish to Mustang

“For five decades, the Camaro and the Mustang have been battling it out in every possible setting,” said Mark Reuss, executive vice president, GM Global Product Development. “These two cars have been striving to beat each other on the track, on the drag strip and on the streets. That competition is a big part of why both cars are so amazing, and so popular, today.”

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Chevy even goes on to say the Camaro/Mustang rivalry is as important to American culture as the Coke/Pepsi competition, the Nike/Reebok antagonism, and even the Leno/Letterman battle. At the end of the day, both models (and both soft drinks, and both shoes, and both late show hosts) are incredible pieces of American history, and they both do our country proud.