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Camry Thrill Ride Shows Just How Exciting Camry Can Be

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2014 Toyota Camry - Camry Thrill RideIt’s practically a tradition of the theme park experience: a large portion of the park walled up and hiding the construction of some wondrous new ride, soon to scare the pants off of man, woman, and child alike (provided said child is tall enough to ride).

When a considerable chunk of Six Flags Magic Mountain was closed for construction this past August, few would have believed that the resulting thrill ride would involve a 2014 Toyota Camry.  Fewer would have then expected that the Camry Thrill Ride would deliver the kind of excitement some coasters could only dream about.

Six Flags Magic Mountain-maniac The Coaster Guy covered seeing the Camry Thrill Ride façade a bit back in September, though he had only just missed his opportunity to ride.  However, he and the rest of those who missed out get to live vicariously through the 2014 Toyota Camry’s new television ad, which shows those lucky selected few whizzing around a stunt course in a Camry piloted by a driving expert.

Over a coaster-like hill and almost horizontal to the ground around a winding curve, the Camry Thrill Ride evokes reactions from passengers typically reserved for Batman: The Ride or Viper, including screams, maniacal laughter, and one man exasperatedly saying “I love this car.”

When the riders reach the finish line, one guy says he takes back anything negative he ever said about the Camry before showing the camera how much his hands are shaking.  Let’s see your everyday grocery shopping car get that kind of reaction!  For those looking to experience the Camry Thrill Ride for themselves, Toyota has posted a POV video at their YouTube channel that is almost certain to make you squeal just a little bit at your desk.