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Can I get a Hail Yes? The NV200 #HailYes Campaign

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Nissan has really captured the core of the Big Apple with its all-new NV200 “Taxis of Tomorrow,” which now populate New York streets. To garner excitement for the new taxi entrants—and to prove why the NV200 is the superior New York taxi—Nissan has launched an interactive marketing campaign called “#HailYes.” The #HailYes campaign is focused on generating a #HailYes response from every taxi customer in the Empire City.

So what is there to love about the Nissan NV200 Taxis of Tomorrow? Unlike other modes of transportation, these cabs are specifically geared for New Yorkers. The NV200 taxi features USB charging, glass sun roofs to provide sky views of the city, improved legroom and more cargo space, reduced odors, anti-fatigue driver’s seats, and passenger safety technology, among other innovative features.

The #HailYes campaign kicked off recently at the ING New York City Marathon and will be quite visible throughout Manhattan going forward: on TaxiTV, through online and outdoor advertising, and on your favorite social media outlets.

#HailYes Campaign

“Nissan’s #HailYes campaign will engage the more than 600,000 passengers that New York taxis transport every day, creating a conversation among New Yorkers about the city’s need for a better taxi experience,” commented Jon Brancheau, vice president of marketing for Nissan North America. “But the solution for an improved taxi isn’t a pipe dream, it’s already here. The Nissan NV200 taxi is the first taxi designed and built expressly for New Yorkers with more custom content for riders and drivers than ever before. We’re confident they will agree by showing their support with a #HailYes for the NV200 every time they ride in a taxi.”

So what do you say? Can we get a hail yes?