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Car Burns in Lion Safari Exhibit, Mom Makes Tough Decision

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In what has got to be one of the worst games of “Would You Rather?” ever played out, a mother and her two young children had to decide whether to remain in a burning car or become lunch for a pride of lions. The ordeal happened on Friday of last week at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, England, when Helen Clements’ van burst into flames in the middle of the lion reserve.

Car Burns in Lion Safari

Car Burns in lion safari, Mom makes tough decision

Car Burns in Lion Safari = Good Tweet

Horrified onlookers captured the moment and—what else—posted it to social media.

While lions in a zoo or safari are well-fed, the sight of running children could turn on a lion’s predator-chase-prey instinct in a matter of seconds. That’s why, when Helen tried to get out of the car and her son attempted to run off, the park rangers shouted at them to get back in the car.

According to the marketing director of the safari park, a ranger is always on duty watching the animals and available to help families in emergencies.

Scary Clown Safety Feature

New for 2016 models – the scary clown safety feature  – cause even lions are afraid of this guy

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Luckily, the rangers were able to help Helen’s family escape the car safely, without the threat of lions, before it was too late.

“Literally as he opened the door, we just jumped into his vehicle,” Helen told ABC News.

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