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Car Calls 911 on Its Driver After Hit-and-Run Accident

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Car Crash Emergency Call

One Flordia woman’s car called the cops on her after she fled the scene of an accident
Photo: ABC7 News

You know you’ve made a bad decision when your car calls the cops on you.

57-year-old Cathy Bernstein was just casually executing a hit-and-run earlier this month in Port St. Lucie, Florida, when her car’s Emergency Assistance feature dialed 911, essentially calling the cops on its owner.

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The system, which activates when sensors on the car detect a sudden change of speed or movement, automatically placed a call to local first responders when Bernstein hit a truck, then plowed through a van on Prima Vista Boulevard. As the Florida woman was driving from the scene, she realized that she was on the phone with a police dispatcher.

Bernstein automatically tried to convince the dispatcher that nothing was wrong, responding. “Ma’am, there’s no problem. Everything was fine,” when asked what happened. She even stated that she would never leave the scene of an accident.

Obviously, that was wrong.

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Because the system provides the dispatcher with exact coordinates through the vehicle’s GPS units, Bernstein was easily found. After one of the drivers from the hit vehicles was taken to the hospital, Bernstein was arrested in connection to the accident.

This incident, along with a fight between another woman and a police officer, is just proof that December is not a good month for women in the Sunshine State.

VIDEO: Listen to Bernstein’s Conversation with the Dispatcher

News Source: ABC7 News

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