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Car Dealership Promises Customers Free Atlanta Falcons Season Tickets, Then Runs Out

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Cobb County Kia Just Picked a Whole Bouquet of Whoopsie-Daisies

The NFL is very, very strict about copyrighting their images, so instead I used a picture of a real falcon (which, for all I know, could actually be from Atlanta)

The NFL is very, very strict about people using their copyrighted logos, so instead we used a picture of a real falcon (which, for all we know, could actually be from Atlanta)

During their home opener at the Georgia Dome on September 7, 2014, the Atlanta Falcons hosted their fierce rival, the New Orleans Saints, for a close game which the Falcons won in overtime, 37-34. It was an exciting match that Katherine Burrion thought she would be watching live from the comfort of her own reserved seats. That’s not how things turned out, though.

That’s because Burrion was one of several angry customers who were promised free 2014 Atlanta Falcons season tickets by Cobb County Kia, a Kia dealership in Cobb County, Georgia. Burrion says that the tickets, which helped convince her to buy a new Soul, didn’t show up when the season started.

Kia's July sales were incredibly impressive. As usual, the Soul played a huge part.

The 2015 Kia Soul

“I feel as though they were deceptive,” Burrion told local news station CBS46. “They could have had a customer for life from us. The whole transition with buying the vehicle was so smooth and then it comes down to this.”

Apparently the offer was only good “while supplies last,” and supplies ran out on the 27th of July, according to an email that was sent to angry customers by Cobb County Kia owner Elvis Pressley (yes, that is his real name). However, this little detail wasn’t communicated to Burrion, who was assured that she would get season tickets when she bought her car days after the tickets had run out.

Pictured: Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley (not pictured: Elvis Pressley)

Pictured: Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley (not pictured: Elvis Pressley)

Pressley was not present on the day that CBS46 shot their report, which inspired reporter Adam Murphy to ask an employee “So he’s not in the building?” in a shameless attempt at goading the poor employee into saying “Elvis has left the building.” (To the woman’s credit, she didn’t fall for it).

Although Elvis wasn’t on hand for an interview, Murphy was told that Kia would be taking care of everything – at least, that’s what car salesman Jimmy Hendrix said (we couldn’t make this stuff up).

The 2015 Kia Cadenza

The 2015 Kia Cadenza

Cassie Gee and her fiancé Brandon Keeler were also promised season tickets that failed to materialize when they bought a new Cadenza on the 30th, three days after supplies ran out. Although they were happy with the car (“It’s great, it handles well,” Cassie said about her Cadenza, “I’m averaging 30.8 miles to the gallon”), they were severely disappointed when the tickets that they had told friends and family about didn’t arrive.

According to the report, Kia of Cobb County did eventually send customers tickets for the remaining 2014 Falcon games. Gee and Keeler also got suite-level seats to one of the games and a free full tank of gas, to help make up for the whole conundrum. However, the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection says it is still investigating the actions of the dealership.

News Source: CBS46