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Car of the Future: Fuel Cell Vehicle to be Named Toyota Mirai

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Toyota Mirai

The Toyota FCV is now the Toyota Mirai

Remember that Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle we’ve been spouting about for the last few months? If not, allow us to refresh your memory. Back in January, we first set eyes on the futuristic concept vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show, and we were immediately smitten. From its bright blue paint job to its unique styling, the FCV quickly became a favorite around here at The News Wheel.

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We were equally thrilled when Toyota unveiled the production version last month, and named its Japanese price at a dollar equivalent of roughly $69,000, although we were assured that this number didn’t necessarily reflect the selling price of the FCV in the United States when it’s due to arrive for sale in California sometime in 2015.

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But the name—FCV—isn’t exactly the most catchy of monikers. Surely, we thought, Toyota could come up with something more unique and less obvious to call the all-new car. And, according to reports buzzing around the interwebs (which, let’s face it, never lead us astray), that day has finally come. Rather than the FCV, we shall now refer to this remarkable car as the Toyota Mirai.

The name “Mirai” is derived from the Japanese word that means “future.” And, according to Toyota, the Mirai could very well be the way alternative fuel vehicles are headed in years to come. Toyota stated very publicly in recent months that it didn’t think electric vehicles were sustainable for the future, and instead set its sights on perfecting its hydrogen fuel cell technology. The automaker will concentrate on this niche, while still producing hybrids by the bucket load in hopes of replacing regular gasoline cars.

As we get closer to the US release of the Toyota Mirai, we will keep you posted on anything else we hear. You know, because we’re slightly obsessed with this vehicle.

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