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Car Sharing Goes Green in Tennessee

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Green COmmuter Polar BearCar sharing is really starting to take off in cities around the world where car ownership is expensive or inconvenient. Many of the cars available to rent, however, are traditional gas cars that aren’t the best for the environment. One car sharing service in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is looking to change all that.

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For $9 an hour or $45 a day, members of Green Commuter Chattanooga can drive around town in a zero emissions Nissan Leaf. Drivers utilize an app on their phone to find one of the program’s Nissan Leaf vehicles scattered throughout the city and check it out for their use. Unlike some car sharing programs, however, the car does have to be returned to where it was found at the end of the rental period. This is mostly because the car needs to be left at a charging station and plugged in for its next adventure.

The best part of this program is a video made by Green Commuter showing users how to drive a Nissan Leaf, and it stars a giant polar bear. While you might think that an EV tutorial is unnecessary, it ensures that everyone knows how to properly charge the car and drive it, especially since the system to put the car in gear is slightly different than the average car.

Take a look at the video below to see the polar bear in action.

We hope that more car sharing programs like this start to catch on. What is also encouraging about this program is that Chattanooga is a decently-sized city, but it is certainly smaller than many other municipalities with car sharing. This program was made possible thanks to a grant from the Tennessee Valley Authority. Hopefully other cities and towns will sit up and take notice of how good car sharing programs can really be.

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News Source: Clean Technica