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Car Smashes Through Glass Doors Into Florida Home…Again

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Brevard County Fire Rescue Photo of Car in Kitchen

Image: Brevard County Fire Rescue

Sometimes you are the pigeon, and sometimes you are the statue. One person probably feeling very statuesque is the owner of a home in Suntree, Florida, where a car jumped a ditch, ran over a sidewalk, plowed through the bushes, and crashed right through the glass doors, through the living room and into the kitchen. Luckily, there was nobody at home at the time.

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However, what is particularly unlucky about this crash is that it’s not the first. Back in December, a different car also jumped the ditch, traversed the sidewalk, mangled the hedges, and smashed into the home’s living room (although it didn’t make it all the way to the kitchen). This would have given the owners of the home just enough time to clean up and get comfortable with their new glass door before it was smashed once again.

The home seems to be a magnet for these crashes, leading residents to believe that the incidents are less “bad luck” and more “bad road design.” After the crash in December, one woman told Florida Today that the intersection itself is dangerous, and that they had contacted traffic engineers with no results.

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At the time, the woman said, “This is the fourth time that a car has entered the hedges but the first time one has gone into a home.”

Whoops. Move that tally up to five in the bushes and two in the living room.

News Source: Florida Today