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Apparently Car Spinning Is Now a Sport Thanks to New Show

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Spinning cars with Khabonina Qhubeka

Why drive a BMW when you can spin it in circles?
Photo: Zalebs

You’ve got your classic motorsports: stock car and Indy car racing. Then, someone decided that taking vehicles off road was more exciting. Someone else through racing in a dead heat was even better and made drag racing. Most recently we’ve seen hill-climbing and drifting receive international fame.

Then, there’s those victory donuts stock car racers do after they won a length race… Hey, why isn’t that a sport?

Well, apparently in certain circles, it is!

South African recording artist, actress, and choreographer Khabonina Qhubeka will be introducing the world to a new “motorsport” on her new show Spina Guluva. This reality TV program will be dedicated to introducing the world to the sophisticated past time of car spinning.

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Car Spinning: New Motorsport or Drunken Antics?

From the footage we’ve seen of car spinning, the basic idea seems to be to propel the car into a forced spin, with doors ajar, while participants circle around the car. Eventually, one of them leaps into the driver’s seat and is the declared the victor.

Without those guidelines, it could be easy to mistake this dangerous competition for drunken antics. The crowds of young men clinging to the roof of an out-of-control car doesn’t help that image. Though, honestly… the thrill has to be incredible.

Not that we condone any of our readers trying car spinning out at home.

Car spinning footage tv show south african

Photo: DrumTV

Spina Guluva not only showcases the art of car spinning but the lives of those in the South African subculture dedicated to these stunts.

Although Khabonina Qhubeka, the host of the show, isn’t familiar with car spinning, the show should provide her and viewers with a glimpse into an adrenaline-fueled activity. “This gives me a chance to learn more about the world [of spinning] along with the viewers. I understand the heart of it because it is entertainment and I get to speak to the people about their passion.”

What can we expect from the show? Apart from a whole lot of screeching tires, the behind-the-scenes footage below reveals many of the cars being spun are BMWs. I guess it would be one of the few brands to survive the activity.

Spina Guluva will premier on local South African stations on October 19th, but perhaps the rest of us can catch footage from the show eventually.

For now, watch some footage of car spinning here:

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