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Carrie Underwood Smashes Car Window To Save Child

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Carrie Under smashed her car window to save her son.

We’re guessing this was the look on Carrie Underwood’s face when she realized her baby was locked in the car
Photo: Larry Darling

On July 11th, one of the situations that every parent fears happened to country singer Carrie Underwood.

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She found herself on the outside of her vehicle while her 4-month-old son Isaiah was locked inside. The singer blames her dogs for accidentally locking the door, but thanks to some quick thinking all parties involved were able to make it through the troubling ordeal, so the singer could jokingly tweet about it.

Thankfully this scary situation had a happy ending for Carrie and Isaiah, as her brother-in-law was on hand to smash the window, but not everyone is always so fortunate.

According to an article from, if you lock your baby in the car, the first thing you should do is call 911. If it’s a very hot day, then go ahead and cover the windows to prevent the car from heating up so rapidly and if you are forced to break a car window, break the window furthest away from the child so glass doesn’t fly all over their body.

We know it’s surprising when Carrie Underwood does something to a car other than “dig her keys into the side of its pretty little supped up four wheel drive” or “carve her name into its leather seats,” but bravo Mrs. Underwood–great motherly instinct and quick thinking!

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