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‘Cash Cab’ Ready To Return To NYC

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Nissan NV200 Taxi of Tomorrow

Will the Nissan NV200 Taxi of Tomorrow be the new ‘Cash Cab’ ride?

If you were a Discovery Channel viewer in the early 2000s, you surely know about the phenomenon that was Cash Cab. Stand-up comedian Ben Bailey got his taxi license and drove his minivan taxi around New York City to pick up unsuspecting passengers to play his game show, which involved answering increasingly difficult trivia questions for cash prizes. Unfortunately, if you got too many questions wrong, you were kicked out of the cab and forced to hail a non-cash (and less exciting) cab. We have very good news for fans of the popular TV show who are always suspicious of minivan taxis: Cash Cab is coming back!

Cash cab

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Not all of the news is bright and sunshiny, though. According to Jezebel’s sources, Ben Bailey will not come back to the cab that he helped make famous. Supposedly the new cab will be driven by various celebrities from “comedy, film and TV” will be behind the wheel. I’m all for being picked up in an NYC cab by the likes of Ewan McGregor or Joe Biden, but that model seems to throw in a few more complications that weren’t in the show’s previous life. For example, will all of the stars have to get NYC taxi licenses, or will they be driving something more like an Uber? It is also a bit of a bummer that we might miss out on the best reactions to the light show that accompanies the announcement that a rider is in a cash cab if they recognize their celebrity driver right away.

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Regardless of who is behind the wheel, we are pretty pumped that this car-oriented show might get another chance to take over our screens. The previous show was an award darling with several Emmys under its belt, so this reboot surely has everything it needs to be a success. Cash Cab will reportedly hit screens later this year, and you can bet we will report new information as it is released.

News Source: Jezebel

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