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Celebrate National Dog Day with The News Wheel’s Top Five Dog-Related Posts

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Dogs are our unconditional friends. They’re always there when we need them, providing many people with a constant, loving, and loyal presence that truly makes life worth living.

Because today is National Dog Day, The News Wheel is taking a moment to truly celebrate the dogs in our lives with our five favorite dog-related posts. Check them out below!

Terminally Ill Poh the Dog Travels the Country with His Best Friend


Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and Poh the Dog is no exception. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Poh and his humans decided to create a bucket list of sorts, traveling across the country so Poh’s last days are memorable. Luckily, Poh not only made it through the entire cross country trip—documenting the entire thing on his Instagram account—but he’s still going strong five months later.

The Five Most Dog-Friendly Destination Cities in America


Nothing makes a road trip better than bringing along your favorite four-legged friend. So why not plan a road trip around the most dog-friendly cities in America? We provide you with all the information you need to make your next road trip a blast for both you and Fido.

Arizona Cardinals’ Tyrann Mathieu Demonstrates What Happens to Pets in Hot Cars


Over the past few years, the number of canine heat deaths due to being left out in cars is rising. Even police dogs are suffering. While some police departments—and dog owners—have taken steps to prevent more dog heat deaths, they’re still occurring. To truly give people a sense of what it’s like for a dog left in a car on a hot day, Arizona Cardinals’ Tyrann Mathieu locked himself in a car during the summer.

Dog Drive Tractor Through Fence and Onto Highway, Is a Good Boy


Yes, you read that headline right. During a routine session of sheep herding, Don the border collie decided to spice things up a bit. While his owner, Tom Hamilton, hopped out of his tractor to catch a rogue lamb, Don took the chance to make a break for it, sending Tom’s tractor down a hill and into the traffic of the M74 motorway in Abington, South Lankarkshire in Scotland.

Adorable French Bulldog Tui Drives A BMW M4, Burns Rubber


Because really, who doesn’t love a French Bulldog that knows how to drive well? As part of his dad’s YouTube video series (which reviews cars, aircrafts, and more) Tui got behind the wheel of a BMW M4, controlling the steering wheel while Nick Murray (his owner) controls the pedals.

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