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Celebs Making Statements: Famous Prius Owners

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The Toyota Prius is easily one of the most recognizable hybrid vehicles on the road, and with good reason. The Prius, which has been sold in the US since 2000, was one of the first production hybrids, and thanks to high gas prices and rising concerns about global warming, drivers everywhere flocked to it like ducks to water. And it’s not just regular people who feel this way; Ranker recently released a list of 40 celebrities who happen to own Prii (yep, that’s the official way to pluralize Prius).

Famous Prius owners

Famous Prius owners: Cameron Diaz
Photo: David Shankbone

Now, while often the term “celebrity” is applied to those Z-list reality TV stars who are as forgettable as the laundry list of box office flops you’ve seen this summer, the list of famous Prius owners is actually jam-packed with real-life celebs. Big names such as Harrison Ford, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Damon, Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Hanks feature on the list of famous Prius owners, proving themselves less bothered about driving luxurious supercars and more concerned with driving eco-friendly vehicles.

famous Prius owners

Toyota Prius: The object of many celebrities’ desires.

So why are these celebs eschewing the Maseratis and Lamborghinis in favor of the affordable Prius? Well, for starters there’s something about seeing a celebrity driving the same car as you that makes them feel more relatable. Whether or not this is the reason for so many famous Prius owners we can’t say, but one thing’s for sure: these celebrities want to send a message to the world that cutting down your carbon emissions by choosing a hybrid car is the smart, and responsible, thing to do—not just for your wallet, but for the planet as a whole.

News Source: Ranker