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Check Out the Chevrolet Colorado Sport Concept in All its Glory

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Chevrolet Colorado Sport Concept

The Chevrolet Colorado Sport Concept


Last week, Chevy unveiled the Chevrolet Colorado Sport concept to much fanfare at the Texas State Fair. The concept sported a pair of mountain bikes and all the gear necessary for one big adventure. The Chevrolet Colorado Sport concept even boasts its own concept wheels that we might actually see on production models at a later date.

“It’s not just mountain bikes, but just about any passion you can name, from kayaking, fishing, dirt bikes and more,” said Tony Johnson, Colorado marketing manager. “It’s a truck for those who need the versatility of a pickup to support their work and lifestyle interests, but don’t need a full-size truck to do it.”

Chevrolet Colorado Sport Concept

The all-new 2015 Chevy Colorado has had considerable hype built around it since it first debuted earlier this year. The mid-size truck is raking in top ratings for horsepower (305 hp), fuel efficiency (27 mpg), and trailering (7,000 lbs). Of particular interest is the GearOn™ Accessory System for storing large items, like kayaks or mountain bikes, above the bed.

Other accessories include assist steps, bike rack, cargo divider, cargo rings, splash guards, tiered storage, and wheel lip moldings. You can check out the accessories for the Colorado’s sibling truck, the Canyon, here.

Photo Source: GM