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Check Out These Cutting-Edge, Digital 3D Mazda3 Ads!

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Mazda is testing new online technology in Norway to bring fresh attention to those banner ads that saturate the internet. To promote the Mazda3, the automaker has partnered with ad tech company, Cxense, and Danish creative shop, Halbye Kaag, to produce the first-ever syndicated 3D digital banner ads. From what viewers describe, it looks like the Mazda3 is floating off of the webpage.

Best of all, these 3D Mazda3 ads don’t require special glasses. Allons-y!

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3D Mazda3 Ad Reinvents Online Banners with Eye-Popping Style

How does this technology work?

These online optical illusions don’t require a special browser, computer, or glasses. They can be viewed on mobile devices or laptops/desktops.

3D mazda3 adsInstead, the ads use existing digital 3D renderings and “parallax” effects–the differing distances of object positions based on lines of sight and angles. With that technique, the vehicle can be seen at different angles when scrolled over.

As Lauren Pedersen (VP of global marketing for Cxense) explained it, the basis for these ads are the 3D product models which most companies already have from creating traditional advertising visuals. “If you are doing product shots, you have 3D models and you can use the software that enables you to capture different visuals of those models,” she explained.

Are they effective?

From their November launch to now, reports on the ads have been positive. They have already reached hundreds of thousands of consumers and their reported click-through rate is four times higher than the industry average.

Can we view these 3D Mazda3 ads in America?

No. For the time being, the banners are only being run on 107 Amedia sites on Norway. Eventually, they could spread to more of Europe. Maybe some day!

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