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Check Out the Eatyourkimchi Mobile

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Eatyourkimchi Mobile

Simon and Martina of Eatyourkimchi

Ever heard of Eatyourkimchi? No? Then you’re probably going to want to spend the next several hours watching their YouTube videos of their South Korean adventures, their experiences with strange cultural differences, and their dog, Spudgy.

Those South Korean adventures have been made easier, by the way, thanks to Kia. The Korean automaker donated am Eatyourkimchi Mobile (a Kia Soul) to Simon and Martina Stawski, the couple behind Eatyourkimchi. The Eatyourkimchi Mobile has become the couple’s main mode of transportation throughout Korea. Interested in learning more about their adventures, the Kia Buzz team recently caught up with Simon and Martina for a quick chat.

The Eatyourkimchi Mobile

The Eatyourkimchi Mobile

The couple reported that when their project initially took off, the part that gained the most traction with viewers was the adventure video series, where they would go out and about in taxis with cameras and mics and all the other necessary equipment. When this became too much of a hassle, the two reached out to Kia to see about shooting their adventure videos inside a Soul, since it was the only car as funky and quirky as they were.

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The Eatyourkimchi Mobile obviously has its own unique exterior design. While Simon and Martina didn’t design it themselves, it very much reflects their personalities.

Their favorite memory in their Kia Soul was a picnic in the back of the car at an amusement park on Martina’s birthday, but the two look forward to many more happy memories in the Eatyourkimchi Mobile in the future. In fact, they’re currently planning a two-we\ek road trip around Korea in the Soul—not to mention opening up their own coffee shop.

Also, their dog, Spudgy, has a blue Mohawk. Yes, really. See?

Eatyourkimchi Spudgy


Check out the Eatyourkimchi Mobile introduction video below:

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