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Check Out IKEA’s Solution to Dogs Left in Hot Cars

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IKEA has an innovative solution to prevent dogs being left in hot cars

IKEA has an innovative solution to prevent dogs being left in hot cars
Photo: Iwan Gabovitch

It’s widely understood just how dangerous it is to leave your dog unattended in your car, even in mildly warm weather. As it has been demonstrated time and again—even by Arizona Cardinals’ Tyrann Mathieu—temperatures can grow well past 100 degrees in a matter of minutes and send dogs into heat exhaustion. Hundreds of dogs die each year from this tragic event, and hundreds, dare I say thousands, more probably go unreported.

And after reading and hearing too many stories about the deaths of dogs in this easily avoided situation, I have been in higher spirits to report on or read encouraging stories like that of the No K9 Left Behind program in Twinsburg, Ohio, and the dropped charges against the veteran who rescued a dog from a Mustang. The latest story I stumbled across is from a couple years ago, but it is definitely something to smile over.

Reportedly, an IKEA in Cologne, Germany, has created a “barking lot” for dogs. In front of the stores, there are Astroturf beds with a pole to tie a leash. Dogs can lie down here while their guardians shop inside. The beds even feature water bowls for the pooches so they can stay hydrated. These beds encourage shoppers to leave their dogs here, rather than locked inside their cars—though, I have to wonder, why the heck are they bringing their dogs on a trip to IKEA anyway?

IKEA has an innovative solution to prevent dogs being left in hot cars

What a “cool” concept!
Photo: Brotkrumen

Regardless, I think it’s an adorable solution, and one I can definitely get behind. It sure beats the alternative!

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