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Check Out This GMC Sonoma GT with a Turbocharger in the Bed

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GMC Sonoma GT07

The concept of putting a turbocharger and intercooler in the bed of a GMC Sonoma GT seems so logical that it’s a little bit surprising that nobody had tried it up to this point. Fortunately, the folks at 1320video understood that this was a wrong long overdue for being righted, and they put together the following bit of video goodness:

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The idea to put the turbocharger and intercooler in the bed was more a space issue than anything else. The fella responsible for this odd concoction says that the placement had to do with a lack of space under the truck’s hood and a need to keep weight over the truck’s rear axel.

While it’s not the most practical setup, it works to provide the Sonoma’s 5.7-liter LS1 with an extra 18 psi of boost. It may not be pretty, but based on what we see (and hear), it works like a charm.

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