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Cheeky Englishman Covers Volkswagen Golf with Astroturf

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Astroturf Volkswagen Golf

A Paignton man takes “green driving” to a whole new level with this curiously customized Astroturf VW Golf

When Phillies pitcher Tug McGraw was asked if he preferred Astroturf to real grass, he famously replied, “I dunno, I never smoked Astroturf.” Sadly, it seems McGraw passed away 11 years before he had a chance to try driving it, either.

A rather literal-minded man from the English seaside town of Paignton has covered his Volkswagen Golf with Astroturf and replaced its antenna with a golf flag. A photo (above) of the putting green-themed vehicle was posted to Reddit earlier today by the man’s friend, u/daveidivide, where it has quickly gone viral.

To save you the trouble of checking, the (gilded) top comment on the post is, “He should make sure he carries a spare tire with that modification. Just in case he gets a hole in one.” (Other jokes from the commentariat include, “just putt-putting around town or a long drive seems like a fairway to get noticed,” and, “I hope he modified the horn to yell ‘FORE!’”).

Apparently, the turfed VW Golf has previously appeared at the Crumball Rally, a European organizer of “budget classic and banger car rallies” that are inspired by classic films like The Italian Job and The Great Escape. (Presumably, this vehicle was featured at the group’s considerably less popular Who’s Your Caddy? rally).

Astroturf VW Golf

Going for a drive atop a VW Golf at the Crumball Rally

This kind of modification can’t be good for the VW Golf’s fuel efficiency, so we wouldn’t recommend trying it at home. But it’s so doggone unusual that the owner definitely deserves a round of applause for his efforts… or at least a polite golf clap.

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