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Chevrolet Curates Pandora Station With 100 Best Country Songs (And Also a Taylor Swift Song) Referencing Chevy Trucks

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Chevrolet Third-Generation Silverado

Chevrolet is doing up the celebration of a century’s worth of truck-making extra large, spreading its revelry out over 100 days and even offering up Centennial Editions of its Silverado and Colorado pickup trucks.

Naturally, when one thinks of pickup trucks, they think of country music, which has held up the pickup truck as some kind of emblem of quintessential Americana for as long as anyone can remember. As such, Chevrolet has curated its own Pandora station, Chevy Truck 100, which features a whole slew of country tunes that feature references to pickup trucks.

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Per Chevy, this station includes “rocking dance tunes about a Silverado with horns on the grille (“Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy,” Big and Rich), love songs about a boy in a Chevy truck that had a tendency to get stuck (“Tim McGraw,” Taylor Swift), and nostalgic tracks about ridin’ round with windows down on a summer night (“Dirt Road Diary,” Luke Bryan).” Wow, Taylor Swift *and* Big and Rich? Well, no accounting for taste, it seems.

Chevy is encouraging truck fans and country music aficionados to jump into the conversation at its Chevy Trucks Facebook page to contribute their favorite country music songs about Chevy Trucks and help complete its list of the Top 100. Side note: don’t suggest Snoop Dogg’s “Ridin’ in My Chevy”; for one, it’s not certain that it’s referencing a truck, and it’s also not a country tune (though, to be fair, some would argue that neither Big and Rich nor Taylor Swift actually qualify as country music, either).

“We have built 85 million Chevy trucks over the past 100 years,” Sandor Piszar, marketing director for Chevrolet Trucks. “In turn, our customers have created millions of memories associated with our trucks, be it working in the field or job site, cruising with friends, or camping with families. That connection with generations of people is a defining characteristic of Chevy trucks, and something few other brands can match.”


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