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Chevrolet India Launches Drive with Care Initiative

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Chevrolet India launches Drive with Care initiative

Today Chevrolet India launched “Drive with Care,” the automotive brand’s new initiative to promote road safety during monsoon season. Chevy’s campaign will include the release of a video demonstrating how road signs that use hydrophobic paint (which can only be seen when wet) work.

Additionally, Chevrolet’s website will feature a dedicated campaign page designed to provide the public with information on traffic accidents and tips on how to stay safe on rainy roads.

“At Chevrolet, one of our key value is to keep the customers at the center of everything, and the monsoon season is just one of the several opportunities to connect, engage, and educate them on the importance of being careful on road,” said Jack Uppal, GM’s VP of Marketing and Customer Care.

“As a global brand that considers safety as one its highest priorities, Chevrolet takes a comprehensive and innovative approach to road safety, aimed at keeping everyone on the road – drivers, passengers and pedestrians, ‘Safe.’ With the Drive with Care’ film, which hits hard at the road safety issue, we aim to create awareness amongst the people and bring about the attitudinal change to be safe on the road and to care for others at the same time. The campaign gives on-road insights and urges you to think and ponder over your approach towards road safety.”

Chevy has also commissioned a study on road accidents in Mumbai, and is using the information to identify major accident-prone zones in the city during monsoon season.

The safety reminder “Drive with Care” will be stenciled in hydrophobic paint in select residential areas, so that the message appears each time it rains.