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Chevrolet India Social Media Campaign Encourages Fidelity to New Year’s Resolutions

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Chevrolet India's New Year New Roads

Chevrolet India has announced that it is celebrating the New Year by partnering with Facebook to create a distinctive digital platform that will engage consumers and encourage them to participate in the exciting “resolutions challenge.”

Chevy reasons that since many people break their New Year’s resolutions early on, it will inspire people to keep the faith by identifying five influential achievers from around the world and document their efforts to keep their resolutions. These profiles will employ 360° video, virtual reality, and a special messenger “bot” to tell their stories.

The new digital campaign will also incorporate Chevrolet Co Driver, a new messenger Bot technology that allows viewers to subscribe and share their new year’s resolution. To encourage each subscriber in his or her quest, the Co-Driver community will be exchanging tailored GIFs and motivating memes.

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“Our company motto appropriately defines Chevrolet’s brand statement, ‘Find New Roads.’ It is all about exploring new opportunities and making every mile count,” said Jack Uppal, VP Marketing & Customer Experience of Chevrolet India. “We strive to craft innovative concepts for our consumers, and offer new experiences that sustain our brand connect and enhance the overall customer experience and brand value amongst our target audience.”

He also added,Facebook is one of the largest social networking platforms which engage multiple users on a daily basis. With this partnership, Chevrolet envisages widespread customer outreach and further anticipates establishing a deeper brand connects with its customers.”

As it approaches 2017, Chevrolet India says it hopes to shape a firm foundation between digital natives and the automotive industry.

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