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Chevrolet Ready to Rescue Cars at Woodward Dream Cruise

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Chevy Woodward Dream Cruise Rescue Truck Ready to Help in Detroit

Chevrolet to the Rescue in Detroit

The legendary Woodward Dream Cruise is this Saturday in Detroit, Michigan, when a long line of new and classic cars take a drive down the famous Woodward Avenue in a long parade. During the week leading up to the cruise, many manufacturers bring their latest cars to show off, and owners of vintage cars show off their restoration handiwork. Dodge is bringing back its classic color, Plum Purple, this year, and Chevrolet is putting the next-generation Chevrolet Camaro on display.

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On Saturday, everyone will turn on their engines and join the huge parade of cars. But what you have to remember is that many of these cars are classics and don’t drive very often. It’s possible that they could run into issues while on the cruise, becoming disabled in the middle of the road. But Chevrolet will be there to save the day.

The Chevrolet Certified Service Rescue Squad will have six Silverados at Woodward.

Last year’s Rescue Squad

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The Chevrolet Certified Service Rescue Squad will be on hand with the equipment to deal with the most common problems: overheating, drained battery, flat tire, or running out of gas. The team has advised drivers to be make sure their car is prepared for all scenarios, including checking windshield wiper blades in case of rain, but they know they will still be needed. On the day of the cruise, the Chevrolet Certified Service Rescue Squad will be ready to go with black Chevy trucks wrapped especially for the occasion. Since starting to help out at the Woodward Dream Cruise four years ago, the team has had to help more than 150 cars covering all makes and models.

Seeing as Chevrolet has been in Detroit for more than 100 years, it seems right that it is the brand providing assistance to the classic cars on its home turf.