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Chevrolet Supports The Environment Beyond Electric Cars

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Find New Roads To Clean Energy

When you ask automakers what they are doing to help prevent global warming, many of them will probably reference their electric and alternative fuel vehicles, or perhaps point to solar panels that help to power their plants. Chevrolet has taken the next step to reduce emissions beyond its own operations.

When the Chevrolet Volt first burst onto the scene in 2010, Chevy made a commitment to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere. Since then, the company has worked hard to prevent about 8 million metric tons of the gas from entering the atmosphere. That’s about the same amount of carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere because of annual energy usage in the city of Detroit, Michigan.

Some of the projects undertaken by Chevrolet include working with other companies to take methane gas from a landfill to heat a hospital and devising programs to help truckers stop needlessly idling their rigs. Chevy has also launched #CleanEnergyU, a program that opens the door for conversations between college students and climate leaders to help build a better future.

Chevrolet has enforced their commitment to green energy by retiring its carbon credits, instead of using them to make up for emissions from its factories or vehicles.  For more information about the work Chevrolet has done in the past five years, take a look at the infographic above.