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Chevy Announces Continued Sponsorship of Kid Rock Despite Confederate Flag Controversy

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Kid Rock Confederate flag controversy update

Kid Rock performing in front of the Confederate flag at an Alabama show in 2009
Photo: {just jennifer}

In the weeks following the Charleston church shooting that took the lives of nine African American churchgoers, musician Kid Rock has been bold in his support of the Confederate flag, posting pictures featuring the rebel symbol on Twitter, but said he has never flown the flag with hate.

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Chevy, who sponsors Kid Rock’s summer tour, made a bold decision of its own on July 15th by announcing it will continue its sponsorship of the performer, despite the ongoing controversy.

“The only flag on stage during the Chevy-sponsored summer concert tour is the American flag, and to our knowledge, Kid Rock has not used the Confederate flag on stage for several years,” said GM spokesman Pat Morrissey.

Unlike GM, motor sports powerhouse NASCAR previously made a statement denouncing the flag and offering their fans a chance to trade them at the racetrack for an American flag. General Motors said they have no plans to meet with Kid Rock to discuss his flag use and won’t be issuing any rules governing his use of the symbol either.

Kid Rock was recognized in 2011 by the NAACP in Detroit and recently told Megyn Kelly of Fox News “kiss my ass” in regards to those protesting him over his support of the Confederate flag.

Chevrolet said it does have plans to meet with the National Action Network in Detroit to discuss the situation further. This group is petitioning for the display financed by Kid Rock at the Detroit Historical Museum be taken down because of his actions.

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Still, GM is sticking to their sponsorship of Kid Rock, similar to the way Kid Rock is sticking to his support of the Confederate flag as symbol of rebellion and not hate.

“We are committed to our sponsorship of Kid Rock’s summer tour and are confident that he will provide his fans, many of whom are proud Chevrolet owners, with a spectacular concert experience that celebrates American freedom,” said Morrissey.

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)
  • Cindy Starkweather

    I find it ridiculous , the confederate flag (which everyone sees it differently ) can be removed from state and federal grounds, but to take it away from people and remove it from movies is absolutely outrageous …..this flag is heritage,it is civil war….is all this bs really necessary.? Come on lets take rap music and droopy pants away also because it offends many people!!!! People need to stop looking for just anything to whine about and just live! All this politically correct crap has gone way too far, pretty soon there are going to be no rights for certain people. And the confederate flag looks great behind kid rock.

    • Kyle

      Due respect, but comparing a flag that is literally a symbol of oppression and racism to people’s pants-wearing preferences and music you don’t like is utterly moronic and totally kills your point. I find Kid Rock offensive because he’s terrible, but I’m not about to make an asinine comparison to prove that point, either.