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Chevy Attempts to Woo UAE Truck Sales with Burgers

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Trucker Burger

Chevrolet knows the best way to its customers’ hearts: food. Specifically, delicious burgers. Really, delicious burgers are the best way to pretty much anyone’s heart, come to think of it.

Chevrolet announced this month that it would be teaming with SALT, Dubai’s answer to the food truck, to bring the Trucker Burger to lovers of all things burger located across the United Arab Emirates. What is the Trucker Burger? It’s a Wagyu beef patty, one slice of cheese, a spicy buffalo mayonnaise sauce, and an onion ring between two buns. Basically, heaven in your mouth plus onion ring.

The partnership will promote the Chevrolet Silverado pickup, which will haul SALT’s burger trailer to different spots across the UAE. These locations are as-yet unspecified, but they will be outside of SALT’s three permanent locations, which are located in Kite Beach, Dubai; Mushrif Park, Abu Dhabi, and the Marina promenade, Ajman.

“SALT has a tremendous local following in the UAE and we saw this partnership as an excellent opportunity to not only showcase the capability of the Silverado, but also highlight the trucker owner lifestyle,” Abdallah Madhoun, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager for Chevrolet, GM Middle East. “After the Silverado and SALT experience, we are confident that consumers will be saying ‘you know, I want a truck.’”

Because, again, the best way to make someone suddenly realize that they need to buy a pickup truck is by giving them burgers. Works every time.

To learn where Chevy and SALT will be taking their deliciousness, follow @ChevroletArabia and @FindSalt on Instagram or look for the hashtag #TruckerBurger.