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Chevy Bolt Concept Could Debut Tomorrow

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Chevy Bolt Concept

The second 2016 Chevy Volt teaser

Chevrolet will be kicking off the 2015 Detroit Auto Show press conference gauntlet tomorrow at 7:30 am EST, and they might have something in store that was not previously expected for an appearance: the Chevy Bolt.

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While not yet confirmed for an NAIAS reveal, Wall Street Journal says that a Chevy Bolt concept will take center stage bright and early for Chevrolet’s press conference tomorrow morning. The concept would be an early representation of what GM might dub its Tesla fighter: an electric vehicle with a rumored 200-mile range and a $30,000 starting price.

Consistent with the idea that the Chevy Bolt concept would represent a direct rival to the upcoming Tesla Model 3 is the revelation that it will in fact be a crossover and that it will be slated for release in 2017. Given the ever-increasing popularity of the crossover segment, a 200-mile electric crossover with a Bowtie on the grille could have a seismic impact.

Another exciting possibility to consider is that the battery, which is said to be provided by LG Chem Ltd., will be scalable to other GM products, meaning that it might not be long before we see Buick and Cadillac models with impressive electric ranges.

We know for a fact that Detroit will mark the world debut of the 2016 Volt plug-in hybrid, which was teased just a week ago at CES. Electric-only range for the 2016 Volt is expected to come in between 35 and 40 miles, which is about one-fifth of what’s being projected for the Bolt.

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Whether it also results in our first peek at the Bolt or not, we’ll have to wait and see in just a few short hours. Watch this space throughout the week ahead for full coverage of the goings on in Detroit.