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Chevy Bolt EV Named 2017 MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Best of the Year

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Chevy Bolt EV named MotorWeek Best of the Year

Each year at the Chicago Auto Show, the long-running automotive review program MotorWeek announces its choice for the Drivers’ Choice Awards “Best of the Year.” It’s a beloved tradition, due in no small part to the fact that MotorWeek’s awards ceremony always includes some light snacks and cool free swag for the journalists who cover it.

This year, the big winner was the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV. And the other big winner was me, because I got a free lantern and some Dove dark chocolate ice cream bars.

The Bolt EV originally won the “Best Eco-Friendly” car of the year award, which put it in contention for the overall “Best of the Year” trophy, which it claimed today in Chicago.

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“The Chevrolet Bolt EV is the new benchmark of how continuous improvements in technology can transform the ultra-efficient zero-tailpipe-emissions electric car from a novelty into a highly practical alternative to traditional gas and diesel powered cars,” said MotorWeek creator and host John Davis. “MotorWeek’s pick for ‘Best of the Year’ in our Drivers’ Choice Awards line-up is here because General Motors made good on its commitment to an eco-conscious lifestyle, giving consumers an impressive option with a down-to-earth price point.

Chevrolet Cars and Crossovers marketing Director Steve Majoros was on hand to accept the award at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show in McCormick Place.

“The Bolt EV is a game-changer that makes driving an electric vehicle a more practical and attainable choice for a wider range of customers,” said Brian Sweeney, US vice president of Chevrolet. “We’re honored by MotorWeek’s recognition of the Bolt EV as its car of the year.”

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