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Chevy Bolt Impresses at Annual Jeju EV Eco Rally in Korea

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Chevrolet Bolt Jeju Korea

Having lived in Korea for a couple of years, one thing I can say with certainty is that Jeju Island is beautiful. I know this having only visited once and also because seemingly every student I taught at one point or another made it a point to tell me, “oh, teacher, Jeju is so beautiful.”

So, naturally, anyone who has occasion to visit Jeju is quite lucky. Even luckier still is the individual who gets to spend time driving around and beholding all of that natural loveliness. Individuals like the 20 lucky folks who participated in last month’s Fourth Annual Jeju EV Eco Rally at Jeju Stadium.

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Ten groups of two were tasked with driving the new Chevrolet Bolt along Jeju’s coastal and inland roads without stopping to recharge. A means to demonstrate the Bolt’s effectiveness, this also enabled drivers to behold sights like the beautiful town of Seogwipo, Donnaeko Resort, and plenty of beachfront. Chevy began sales of the Bolt in Korea earlier this year and sold out the first allotment in just two hours.

Chevrolet Bolt Jeju Korea

Certified at delivering a maximum total of 383 km on a single charge, each of the 10 Bolts were provided with a driving route longer than the Jeju EV Eco Rally’s typical 200-kilometer track. In the end, each of the Bolts was able to at least approach 300 km over around six hours of driving without having to stop and charge. Of the pack, the standout performers drove their Bolts for 383 km.

“I had a vague prejudice that the electric car would be inconvenient, but I changed my mind when I drove the Bolt EV,” said Jin Young-hwa, the driver who recorded the longest mileage. “I will enjoy it without stress.”


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