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Chevy Celebrates Camaro’s 50th Anniversary by Painting Commemorative Mural [VIDEO]

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Chevy Camaro 50th anniversary mural pays tribute to six models across five generations of Camaro

Right now, the eyes of the automotive world are turned to Europe for the latest news and hottest concepts coming out of the Paris Auto Show. But here at home, an American muscle car classic is celebrating an important milestone of its own.

Today, September 29th, marks the 50th anniversary of the date that the very first 1967 Chevy Camaro was sold.

So the bowtie brand celebrated by giving its pony car an 11-by-60 foot birthday card, in the form of a giant mural that pays tribute to each of the vehicle’s six generations. Created by the United Kingdom-based design studio ILOVEDUST, the painting captures the look of Camaros across the decades, as seen in this recently released video:

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In order to give enthusiasts an even closer (and more informative) look at the mural, Chevrolet has turned the painting into an interactive timeline on its website. Fans can click on individual aspects of the mural to get little nuggets of info about each of the six models.

“Camaro fans share a lot of creative passion for the car — passion for performance and for styling — that was passed along in every generation,” said Camaro chief engineer Al Oppenheiser. “Camaro’s 50th birthday reminds us of Chevy’s history of ingenuity and design excellence. We want to honor our past by creating more exhilarating and stunning Camaros year after year, and that’s what we plan to do.”

“Through the course of its iconic 50-year history, Camaro has been a reflection of the times, forging in passionate influences from customers, development teams and racing technology,” added Tom Peters, director of exterior design for Chevrolet Performance Cars. “What has remained consistent is the beautifully simple and powerful sculpture that has stayed instantly recognizable to our customers and enthusiasts of all ages. I have the same passion today as when I saw a Camaro for the very first time. It just makes you smile!”

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