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Chevy Chevelle Slammer Concept Brings Power to 2016 SEMA Show

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Chevy Chevelle Slammer concept at 2016 SEMA Show

Among Chevrolet’s many entries at this year’s SEMA Show is the Chevelle Slammer concept, which combines hot-rod style with modern performance and technology, including the all-new LT376/535 crate engine, controllers, and SuperMatic 4L75-E automatic transmission.

“The direct-injected LT376/535 is the newest and one of the most technologically advanced crate engines ever from Chevrolet Performance,” said Jim Campbell, General Motors’ US vice president of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “It is based on the LT1 engine found in the Corvette Stingray and Camaro SS, but with a unique camshaft-and-heads package to help it produce 535 horsepower — 75 horsepower more than the LT1 in the Stingray.”

Chevrolet Performance offers the LT376/535 crate engine and SuperMatic 4L75-E transmission as a Connect & Cruise package, which includes the controllers and harnesses.

According to Chevy, the Chevelle Slammer’s stance is “low, raked, and dripping with hot-rod attitude.” The vehicle’s chassis was modified to make room for 18-inch front and 20-inch rear polished wheels, while the vehicle’s vintage body was revised to give it a smooth, custom appearance.

“The ’69 Chevelle is one of the best-looking cars of the muscle car era and we didn’t want to mess with its classic cues or period-perfect proportions,” said Chevrolet Designer Humberto Ortiz. “We’ve simply enhanced it where we could, knocking down the chrome in certain areas and tightening other exterior details such as the bumpers, grille and more. It’s still a 1969 Chevelle at a glance, but as you continue to examine it, the details really stand out.”

Chevy Chevelle Slammer concept at 2016 SEMA Show

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The model also includes an air suspension system that alters the vehicle’s stance at the push of a button, a sixth-gen Camaro-based performance brake system with six-piston calipers, including six-piston front calipers, and an all-black exterior with a sporty Adrenaline Red interior.

“The contrast between the exterior and interior is stunning and dramatic,” said Ortiz. “The idea was to give the cabin the appearance of being dipped in red.”

Chevy’s all-new, direct-injected LT376/535 crate engine builds on the fifth-gen Small-Block family’s technologies, yielding 535 naturally aspirated horsepower.

“The LT376/535 crate engine represents the best of Chevrolet’s performance engineering,” said Rocko Parker, Chevrolet Performance Parts engineer. “Adhering to the same standards as the development of production engines, the LT376/535 offers tremendous power with the drivability expected with a new vehicle. It’s the best of both worlds.”

The Chevelle’s crate engine is paired with Chevrolet’s new SuperMatic 4L75-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission, which features a torque capacity of 650 lb-ft.

“The Chevelle Slammer’s combination of style and performance makes a strong hot-rod statement and is the perfect platform to launch the new direct-injected LT376/535 crate engine and 4L75-E transmission,” said Campbell.

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