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Chevy Fleets Helps Payne Make Bugs Go Away

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Chevy Silverado fleet used by Payne Pest Management

Though there’s only a letter between pets and pests, one you like to have around, one you want to banish from the face of the earth.

If you’re calling in pest management to make your existence slightly less traumatizing, you want your invasive critters facing Payne.

Payne Pest Management, founded in 2006 and launched off a single 2006 Silverado purchased through Chevrolet fleet sales, has expanded rapidly off of the pest-squelching successes of Willie Payne. He tells his story in a new commercial from GM:

Silverado Fleet: Chevy Silverado 1500 vs 2500 vs 3500

Payne and his wife Kathleen turned away from stable incomes to take a chance on their belief that they were really good at killing cockroaches. They just needed Chevrolet fleet sales specialist Walter McGrath to take a chance on them.

“Access to credit is a challenge for many businesses as they launch, and this was true for us in 2006,” said Payne. “Since Walter and the Chevrolet commercial vehicle team treated us with respect when we needed it the most, our business partnership continues to grow today.”

Obviously, Payne was right to risk it all: The business’ fleet of Chevrolet vehicles has expanded to 45. That original Silverado is still running smooth, though, despite all of the noxious fumes it has been exposed to.

Pretty impressive—really, the only thing Payne’s bug truck is missing is a giant ant on the top, a la Dale Gribble.

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