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Chevy Goes Once Again to Dark Side With Midnight Edition Trax

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In a move that has Jedi across the country frowning in disapproval, Chevrolet has revealed that it will once again turn to the dark side for its power—it is adding yet another Midnight Edition vehicle to its lineup. This time, in an attempt to continue bringing in new buyers, Chevrolet is applying the Midnight treatment to the compact SUV, the 2016 Chevy Trax.

Mace Windu

“We’re watching you, Chevy”
Image: © Disney

The Midnight Edition Trax will be joining the Midnight Edition Impala and Silverado in the lineup. Like its counterparts, the Midnight Edition Trax will feature black wheels, bezels, and handles on the outside, and gray trim on the inside. All in all, the Midnight Trax will come with enough accents and accessories to make a near-total black look.

2016 Chevrolet Trax Midnight Edition

Image: ©GM

If that tickles your fancy, then it’s good news: it’s going to go on sale for just $26,625, which puts it price-wise in between the Trax’s upper trim levels, and it will show up in Chevy dealerships in February 2016.

So, given this is a vehicle that has been given over wholly to the dark side, which agent of the Sith would drive it? Given that the Chevy Trax is slim, tall, and tech-savvy, the first villain that comes to mind is the most technological of any dark-side supporter: General Grievous. Since the Trax is engineered for the city, depending on the city (Beijing, we’re looking at you), that would even explain Grievous’ cough.

General Grievous

“I like built-in Wi-Fi”
Image: © Disney

News Source: GM Authority